Fresh Music Roundup #2 – 23rd April 2015

I can’t believe it’s been two months since my first music round-up. Well I’m back; here are the freshest songs that I’ve been hooked on lately.

Tinashe – Cold Sweat


As you’ll probably notice as you progress through this post, lately I’ve been binging on Tinashe’s music. I loved her album ‘Aquarius’, and her free release ‘Amethyst’. This song really stands out from the album from me, not only sonically, but lyrically. It can be interpreted in many ways, but I feel as though the song is talking about how people start acting different around you once they realise you’re meant for bigger and greater things and you show signs of progression on your journey to success. I also feel as though it is depicting her strive to succeed in the music industry and stand out from the rest.

Tinashe – Dreams Are Real

Another sound out song from Tinashe. She apparently recorded her whole Amethyst project in her bedroom over the Christmas period last year. Her song compliments the instrumental to this song, and the song just leaves you floating on a cloud.

Ty Dolla $ign (ft. Tinashe & Charli XCX) – Drop That Kitty

Now, to liven things up a bit, here is a song that didn’t quite grab me at first, due to the generic DJ Mustard beat. However, after a few listens it has grown on me and I love it. In all honestly, the females outshine Ty on this track, especially Tinashe, who showcases her dance skills in the video. Also, another performance you could check out is Tinashe’s latest performance on Conan the other day of her latest song, ‘All Hands on Deck’. She is really transitioning into a star before our eyes.

Rae Sremmurd – Lit Like Bic

When it comes to songs like this, I tend to block out the lyrics and vibe to the actual music as well as theĀ sound of the artist’s voice rather than what they are talking about, and this is no exception. I love the crescendo technique that these guys use in their songs, vibing off the contrasts in each other’s voices to add light and shade to their music.

J Cole – January 28th

There’s no denying that J Cole is not at the top of his game right now, after scoring his third US number one album, back in December of last year, with little to no promotion whatsoever. This happens to be my favourite track on the album. Take a listen.


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