Let’s Talk About… (#2) – ‘The Flash’ – TV

I am the last person you would call a comic-book fanatic; I didn’t grow up reading Marvel or DC Comics, so all this superhero stuff, which seems to be more popular than ever with new blockbuster movies being released each year, is new to me. However, what you can call me, is a person who appreciates a good story-line and relatable characters. Both of which can be found in the CW show, The Flash. (As well as a cheesy intro which all CW shows seem to have these days, see; Arrow & The 100).

The Flash (CW) intro

Season 1 was an explosive season, (excuse the pun). One good thing about the series is that we had already seen how Barry got his powers from “the incident” in the backdoor pilot episode ‘Three Ghosts” on another DC Universe series, Arrow, so we could cut out a bit of the origin story when we arrived in Central City for The Flash and get down to the action.


Another thing I like about the series is that it was light-hearted and had more elements of comedy compared to its counterpart, Arrow. In addition to this, the characters were more likable and relateable. While in Arrow, Felicity seemed to be the only typically ‘good-natured’ character who didn’t have a dark background, an ulterior motive, or a huge secret.

It’s also great to have the two shows running back to back in the same universe and being so closely interlinked that when a character hops over to another show, they are in the same state of mind as their character at that point in the show they are from, for example, Felicity mentioning falling out with Oliver as well as introducing the Star Labs gang to Ray Palmer, or Oliver having joined the League of Assassins and Barry commenting on his unusual black attire.

As I said, the characters are realisitic, which can be frustrating at times, for example when Barry represses his feelings for Iris until it’s too late, the fact that Barry is extremely naive and sees the best in people which often leads him to trust those who he shouldn’t, as well as Barry and Joe keeping Barry’s secret identity from Iris to protect her and then it backfiring once she finds out. Although at times cliché, it’s what I love about the show, the fact that you are able to understand why each character acts the way they do – it’s out of love.

I also love the characters of Cisco and Caitlin. Again, in regards to the realistic nature of the show despite dealing with the subject of superheros and ‘metahumans’, I like how Cisco and Caitlin weren’t quick to follow Barry in his distrust of Dr Wells when suspicions about his true motive and identity arose. Naturally, when someone talks badly or accuses someone who you greatly admire and respect, you are going to be defensive and try to denounce it until you can no longer deny the blaring truth (see: Bill Cosby).

In addition to this, I like that Iris was angry at Barry for keeping the secret from her and didn’t just immediately forgive him. I also love the fact that she was still furious with him and his crew but recognised that she needed their help to find her father and Eric so begrudgingly worked with them. However, I don’t know how I feel about her having a blog about the Flash. I think that maybe that was unneeded and just the little ‘spark’ between Barry and her that she recalled from the hospital was enough for her to piece it together? Or maybe I’m wrong, because she may not have been thinking along those lines had she not been fixated on finding out who the Flash was.

Now, looking on to season two, I’m hearing Harrison Wells will still be a series regular. I’m assuming this is because Eric’s body got sucked into the black hole-warp type whirlwind which means somehow he survives and thus Harrison, or should I say Eobard Thawne, will be born and will be able to return and perhaps avenge Barry? Other findings I have come across regarding season 2, is that with Harrison wells gone (or is he?) Barry will need a new mentor figure who can help him in the area of his powers, this will manifest in the form of Jay Garrick, a fellow speedster and also, as comic book fans (myself not included) would know, is also The Flash. In addition to this, we also have Cisco’s developing powers to look forward to, as well as (annoyingly), Iris and Eric’s budding romance. All that and more to look forward to when The Flash returns to The CW on the 6th October at 8pm. I hope it follows speedily to the UK.

Sidenote: It is a little annoying that they’re releasing a Flash movie not affiliated with the TV series, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal because the show is not ready for a movie in my opinion. I don’t think it will cause too much confusion as long as the characters are completely different.


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