Fresh Music Roundup #12 – Dec 17th

We’ve made it to the last month of the year and just for that we have a lot to be thankful for. You can also be thankful for the latest edition of Fresh Music Roundup. Pull up a chair, place a napkin on your lap and get ready for the juicy, succulent offerings to end your year right!

Stormzy – Shut Up (Studio Version)


In a year where Grime has captured the attention of the mainstream media, one of the artists riding the wave is Stormzy. In Shut Up, Stormzy, hailing from London, reminisces on his successful year including sharing the stage with Kanye West at the Brit Awards in a performance that caused a lot of controversy from viewers due to its excessive censorship. Stormzy is now embarking on a campaign to get the song to number one this Christmas in an attempt to keep X Factor winner, Louisa, from the top spot.

Katy B, Four Tet & Floating Points  – Calm Down

Katy had a successful 2014, scoring her first number one album (Little Red), as well as a top 5 hit, Crying For No Reason, and she is back with her latest funky-house offering, Calm Down, from her upcoming album, Honey.  The track is irresistible and understated yet enchanting, and is a fantastic follow up to her last offering, Rumble, with Tinie Tempah whch went number one a couple of weeks ago!

M.I.A. – Borders

M.I.A. asks ‘What’s up with that?’ after naming several events and issues that have encapsulated 2015 including white privailage, police brutality, immigration, and questions the relevance of pop culture phenomenons such as slang like ‘Slay’, ‘Bae’ and ‘Breaking the internet’. I think through contrasting the two verses she is saying that we need to be more aware about what we are investing our time and energy into and what we are consumers of because there are things happening in the wider world that are more concerning and important.

Gallant – Weight in Gold

With a name meaning ‘brave’ or ‘heroic’, Gallant’s lyrics in Weight in Gold are resonant as he is singing about having the strength to fight for what you believe in despite the consequences. Gallant looks set to conquer the music industry as he has already been tipped by Spotify to be a spotlight artist of 2016.


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