Fresh Music Roundup #14 – Jan 29th

We’re almost coming to the end of the month and new music is just overflowing from all directions. It would be wrong of me not to pick the best of the bunch and show them to you, wouldn’t it? Grab some snacks and dig in below!

Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

I have been blasting this song since it was first premiered on Radio 1 last year and ever since. I’m elated that it’s being released as the next single and that it will be performed at the Superbowl in February. However, I have to acknowledge the cultural appropriation of Hindi and Asian culture in the video by Beyoncé. But apart from that the video is stunning and aesthetically consistent with the album artwork. I’m sure it will perform amazingly on the charts, not that this validates it.


Zayn – Pillowtalk

The 2010’s Robbie Williams, Zayn Malik, takes a step into solo stardom with this edgy R&B/Pop hybrid record. The video is great and the song is nice enough. I think Zayn is a good example of being true to yourself; if you know that something isn’t you then change it or get out of it. Substituting your identity is never the answer.


Raleigh Ritchie – Never Better

Although I think the song is pretty similar to the formula of his track Bloodsport ’15, I still think the song is nice. It’s about overcoming shyness and stepping out of your comfort zone to approach the person who you love.


Jess Glynne – Ain’t Got Far to Go

Jess Glynne’s career is blossoming; 5 number ones, a Grammy and she’s just been nominated for three Brits, all on her first album. The sky’s the limit for this starlet and this inspirational track is a testament to her drive and determination.



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