Let’s Talk About (#10) – The Flash (Season 2)

It’s that time of the year again when all of your favourite TV shows seem to be ending at the same time, and you start panicking because you have nothing to watch now. Alas, The Flash has come to the end of another season, and an explosive one might I add. If you haven’t watched The Flash this season then I suggest you look away because there are going to be some MAJOR SPOILERS in this post. Also I just want to add, as mentioned in my previous post about The Flash, I am NOT a comic book enthusiast, I am simply a fan of the show. Just to warn you, this post is going to be quite lengthy as I have A LOT of thoughts about this season.

Right, so now I should only be joined by those who have completed season 2 of The Flash. What a series of twists and turns! This season we’ve come to know and love ANOTHER Harrison Wells, who is ‘good’ this time. Well, more good than bad, compared to the Eobard Thawne-Wells of the first season. Apart from his annoying whispery voice, this Wells was a great addition to the team; his constant back and forth with Cisco was a great contrast to the previous Wells’ almost father-like relationship with Cisco. Speaking of Cisco, it’s nice to see he is discovering more about the scope of his new abilities as Vibe, such as being able to open portals to other locations of the multi-verse, as well as his little puff of energy (which he hasn’t gotten the hang of as yet) that he used against the Earth-2 Black Canary, and most importantly his VIBES, which have come in very useful this season. Cisco, in my opinion, is essential to the show. I love his little comments and his warmth and his integrity. 

Caitlyn had a rollercoaster storyline this season; first she heard about her evil doppelgänger, Killer Frost, who Cisco initially tried to protect her from finding out about. Frost then tricked Caitlyn once she had been captured by Zoom and attempted to kill her. Caitlyn then pretty much spent the remainder of the series being used as leverage by Zoom in order to taunt Barry into his lair to steal his speed. I’m not sure if I liked the Caitlyn storyline because I felt like it was repetitive and lasted too long. It got to the point that I was starting to get used to the show without Caitlyn’s presence and when she returned, due to the many new additions to the team, I began to question whether or not she was actually needed.

New addition to the team, Jesse, was, similarly to Caitlyn, captured by Zoom. Barry successfully rescued her and she joined the team, but it just felt like the writers of the show accidentally left her in the show after her rescue and didn’t know what to do with her. This was obvious when she decided she wanted to go her own way and even went as far as to FIND AN APARTMENT, but the writers STILL found a way to bring her back into the team to fill space. And when we all thought she was going to be affected by the Particle Accelerator Explosion, it was confirmed she WASN’T. Therefore I was just baffled by her continued presence in the show. I don’t mean this in a horrible way, I just didn’t see how her character was helping to move the story along. The same with Caitlyn.

We also met Patty Spivot, a new love interest for Barry. Wow, so much has happened since she left that it almost felt like she was in Season one. All Patty wanted was for Barry to be honest with her. She KNEW he was The Flash but Barry just wasn’t ready to tell her, so she left. Good for her. I would’ve done the same to be honest. I was starting to like Patty, but it was a shame she left, but as we ALL know, Barry has his sight set on someone else.

Speaking of sight, Iris, really grew as a character this season. She decided to become a fully-fledged member of the Star Labs team, helping them to capture metahumans and keeping the streets of Central City safer than the police can. She also kept steady at her job as a reporter for the Picture News, providing unbiased (ahem) stories about The Flash’s escapades. We also saw her and Barry grow maturely romantically involved towards the end of the series. It seemed Iris was having no luck in the dating department and decided to play it safe. Just kidding, but it was great to finally see some West-Allen action, too bad we might not see it next season, but more on that LATER.

This season we were also introduced to Jay Garrick, or so we thought we had been. Zoom, or Hunter Zolomon, as he was later revealed to be, had travelled over from Earth-2 and posed as Jay Garrick, fooling the whole team of his identity in order to get close to Barry so that he could learn all about him and steal his speed at any given opportunity. This was an enthralling storyline, because JUST when viewers were beginning to get frustrated by the lack of development in “Garrick’s” character, BOOM, there was the reveal of his true nature. That was one of the better twists this season.

Also this season, we were teased about the identity of the “man in the mask” who was also being held in Zoom’s lair whilst Jesse, Barry, as well as Caitlyn had spent time there. It was frustrating to wait, and it seemed at some points as if it would never be revealed. But at one point in particular it was made obvious who it was. This was when Barry’s father, Henry Allen, mentioned that his mother’s maiden name had been Garrick. It was a relief that Barry’s dad was finally released from prison after being incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. But it was confusing that he left and didn’t want to spend time getting to know Barry after all the years being locked away. However, it was good to see him come back and try to make up for lost time, even if this was cut short by the evil Zoom killing him in order to get Barry to tap into his inner rage. That was crossing the line my opinion. Many have questioned why Barry, you know, being a speedster and all, didn’t run and try to stop Zoom from killing Henry, but I guess he was just in a stunned state of shock.

Barry has been acting very eractically this season. One week he has low self esteem and then the next he thinks he can do anything he wants, even if it’s virtually impossible. It seems as if Barry may kind of take the level-headed people around him for granted just a little bit. Because the unhealthy decisions that he keeps making seem to be quite selfish. The most recent being going back in time to stop his mother from being killed. Barry KNOWS the implications about meddling with the timeline but he still went ahead and did it. At this point, you would expect Barry to have learned from his mistakes and be able to understand that, as all heroes come to know, WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILTY. Also, how many times has Barry been told to just accept the past because all of these events lead to where he is today and shapes life as he knows it. Moreover, he knows that certain things are supposed to happen in the future, for example him and Barry getting married. But yet, he keeps on making sporadic and irrational decisions without thinking them through, thus jeapordising not only his own life, but those around him.

I understand that it is heartbreaking to lose both parents, but I think it was the wrong move for Barry to go and stop his mother from being killed because without that event happening he would never have become The Flash, thus creating a paradox. Perhaps the FLASHPOINT PARADOX. I’m not going to pretend I knew what that was before watching Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, after seeing everyone on all of the message boards talking about it. But, what I’m also seeing, is a lot of people starting to question whether this move by Barry will affect, or perhaps even reset, the whole Arrowverse as we know it? Especially with Supergirl joining the CW family. If so then all I can say is Barry:


As can be seen, it was a very eventful year for Barry and the crew at Star Labs, but it will be interesting to see where the writers will take things next season. I for one can’t wait to see how things will turn out!


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