Fresh Music Roundup (#19) – June 6th

Grab a pair of headphones and get into this new (very female dominated), edition of Fresh Music Roundup!

Raye’s soulful voice holds its own against the huge, arena-filling sounds of Distraction in which she searches for things to distract her from thinking about her love interest. The track is mellow and melodic, but it still has a strong and powerful kick to it.

Caribbean flavoured songs seem to be all the rage lately, and Fifth Harmony take advantage of this wave of Sun-kissed R&B, bringing along Fetty Wap, for their new single All in My Head. This track is a nice fusion of Pop and R&B, with an added Rap element by Fetty.

I have listened to a couple of NAO’s songs and they all sound quite similar to me. I guess when you know each song you are able to differentiate. But it also means that she has a unique and recognisable sound. Girlfriend in particular caught my attention and I really like it; it has the kind of beat that you can really bop your head to.

Never Be Like You really has an air of familiarity about it. It screams Shock Value II era Timbaland, and also reminds me of two songs; Young Forever by Jay Z, which is actually a remake of sorts of Forever Young by Alpaville and OneRepublic’s Apologize. Both good songs, which make for another great track.

Finally, I discovered Stay Lost by accident, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. This chilled jam will fit right in place at a summer BBQ, or a long drive. It just has a nice vibe to it.

And that just about wraps up another edition of Fresh Music Roundup. I hope you have enjoyed my selections and feel free to make your own by leaving a comment below!


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