Telly Talk (#1) – 30th July 2017

I am dipping my toe into new waters and I’m going to try something different. Hopefully, I can keep up with it, but I plan to regularly group together shows that I have been watching once a month and give them a short review/recommendation. This month includes; Broad City, Star Wars Rebels, Modern Family and Friends from College.

Broad City:

I had heard about this show previously and planned to watch it, but it wasn’t readily available and I couldn’t be bothered to search for it. But low and behold, one day it appeared in the box sets section of my Sky box and I took it as a sign to give the show a try. And I was not disappointed. The show boasts moments of extreme wackiness, endearment and cringeworthiness. Ingredients of a fantastic comedy. I love the contrast between Ilana’s free-spiritedness and Abbi’s bashfulness.  I managed to speed through the shows three seasons in a matter of days and I’m currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms. However, my suffering won’t be long as the show is coming back soon!

Star Wars Rebels:

A year ago, if you told me I would become a Star Wars fan, I would have laughed. But after watching all of the movies (in order to get some pop cultural awareness) I found myself hungry for more Star Wars related content. Now I’m an avid player of the Battlefront game on Xbox one, and I discovered the Rebels series. Yes, for you die hard fans I know it’s sacrilegious to watch Rebels before Clone Wars, so sue me (I’ve started it now). I have thoroughly enjoyed the series, although it took me a while to get through the first season. I love how the show explores the wider Star Wars universe by bringing back characters from past movies and shows, as well as exploring the contrasting morality between the Jedi and the Sith. I’m sad the show is ending next season, but I appreciate the show and I’m sure there will be a new Star Wars series released soon, or so my prowling around the internet has informed me.

Modern Family:

When I would see this show advertised when it first came out I thought it would be another corny sitcom that I wouldn’t find funny in the slightest. Fast forward four seasons and here I am still finding myself laughing. The show is just the kind of humour that I like; dry. I love the contrast of the sarcastic Pritchetts versus their partners and I think the show is one of the more realistic portrayals of family life that I have seen on television since as long as I can remember, even if it does become hyperbolic occasionally. I have grown to love the dynamic of the cast and I can’t wait to see where the show will go in the remaining series that I have to catch up with.

Friends from College:

I stumbled across this show on the home page of Netflix and I thought I would give it a try. It was interesting at first; we had an affair going on between a two married people who were part of a recently revived group of now grown up college friends. I got through five of the eight episodes before I felt like the show was losing its steam. I wanted to enjoy what I was watching but I don’t think the show blended the humour with the drama effectively. When it chose to be only dramatic, it was great and vice-versa with the comedy. But both elements did seem to clash at times, especially in the last episode I watched when they all got drunk at the vineyard. I think a lot of the characters in the friendship group were too similar and so they didn’t contrast each other well. Maybe I will give the show a chance and watch the remaining episodes just to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not in a hurry to.


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