Meet Chris

Hi, I’m Chris.

A little bit about me:

I’m a London-residing student of English and Film with aspirations to work in the media industry; which specific area – I’m not entirely sure as yet, but I have my eggs laid in several baskets. I’m not sure if I like that analogy, but I’m keeping it for now šŸ˜‚. IĀ am currently volunteering at a local radio station and in my spare time I work on this blog, which I am trying to dedicate more time to.

With this blog I aim to connect with others about social issues, share my thoughts onĀ trending topics as well as share my discoveries of newĀ music, movies and TV shows. All while maintaining a unique and engaging voice and staying true to myself. To keep up to date with me, don’t forget to follow my website’s twitter: @ChrisCultureUK