Telly Talk #3 – 19th Oct 2017

I’m back again with another instalment of Telly Talk. This time I will be sharing my thoughts on the following shows; The Good Place, Bojack Horseman, Rick & Morty and Big Mouth.

Big Mouth

I’ll start with Big Mouth. The word crass springs to mind immediately. The animated adult comedy’s whole premise revolves around sophomoric humour, making light of the angst and terror that comes with puberty. Some of the comedy includes a teenage boy’s hormonal state personified as a monstrous tempter, as well as parents who have a tendency to overshare about their bedroom activities. I don’t feel like I laughed once for the duration of the single episode that I watched, and I have not been intrigued enough to want to watch another. I do however remember cringing a great deal. Oh, and rolling my eyes a lot too. There were quite a few sighs as well.

The Good Place

This sitcom is right up my street, corner and alleyway. After I first discovered it I had caught up with the show in about 2 weeks. It had me hooked and dangling from the edge of my seat. Not only is it funny, but the story progresses in each episode substantially and you actually feel as though you’ve got your time’s worth. That is rare for a 21-minute comedy, but it works. The episodes are short and sweet. Cliff-hangers are picked up from seconds after they were left in the next episode which makes for great binge-watching, as well as when it comes to trying to remember what happened in the previous episode. All in all, it is a great watch; the characters all compliment each other well, there are lots of twists and turns that keep you on your toes, and as I already mentioned, it’s very funny. I love the concept of the show which takes place in the afterlife and explores what would happen if someone was mistakingly sent to the ‘good’ place if they were not a particularly model citizen (or does it 😉)

Bojack Horseman

On paper, this show shouldn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried to recommend it to several people and they usually end up looking at me like this:


But somehow it does. Somehow you find yourself relating to a washed-up, self-absorbed, depressed TV star from the 90s, who also happens to be a horse. And the show also features interspecies relationships, including a labrador and a human woman. It sounds ridiculous but it is a great show. I love the sarcastic humour, the exploration of negative emotions and how being depressed can affect those around you. It explores the ups and downs of fame, politics, society as well as relationships between family, friends and lovers. It honestly is a fantastic show and I’m gutted that I am all caught up and have to wait until next year for more Bojack!

Rick and Morty

I’m 5 episodes in and I am still yet to see what all the fuss is about for this show? I don’t find it funny, the characters are not likeable, and worst of all both of the main characters’ voices are SUPER annoying. Rick is always burping and slurping and dribbling and just sounding and looking like a mess. While Morty is always whinging and stuttering and whining. The show is basically Family Guy meets Back to the Future and I might give it one more episode before I call it a day. I also don’t like the way the characters are drawn – especially the pupils of the eyes for some reason. I would rather they were just plain black circles as opposed to whatever scribbly shape they are.

That concludes this instalment of Telly Talk. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and check out the shows for yourself! Remember to follow me on Twitter as well @ChrisCultureUK


Let’s Talk About… (#1) – ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ – TV

In a world obsessed with body image and pop culture, it can be hard to be confident within yourself when you do not look like a Topshop mannequin. In addition to this, society’s pressures upon teenagers including drugs, sex and growing up to fast, can be enough to drive a person insane! Enter, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’.

E4 drama series, My Mad Fat Diary, stars Sharon Rooney as Rachel ‘Rae’ Earl, a smart, funny and strong-willed teen from Stamford, or ‘Stan Ford’ (hahaha inside joke for the fans). She has it all; the enviable boyfriend, the gang of misfits, and a job at her favourite record store. However, two things; she’s overweight, and she is going through treatment with her therapist Kester (played by Ian Hart) because she is suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (due to her weight), and she has had some scares in the shape of self-harm. Let’s just say she’s been to some dark places, and, set in the 90s, the series begins with her returning to her life after a three month stint in a rehabilitation center.

Rae wears her heart on her sleeve, and acts impulsively as a result of being led by it, rather than her head. She often speaks faster than she thinks which gets her into a lot of trouble, namely with her mother, her school and her friends. She also struggles with expressing her true feelings at times which can affect her relationships and push people away who she really cares about, for example, her best friend Chloe (played by Jodie Comer), her gay friend, Archie (played by Dan Cohen), her boyfriend, Finn (played by Nico Mirallegro), and her mother, played by Linda Rushbrook.

One thing I like about the series, is that is portrays mental illness in a believable way, I haven’t seen another show which addresses it from the angles that My Mad Fat Diary does, and as a result it is very insightful and engaging. It allows you to enter the mind of a girl who wants to get better, but is taunted by what others may think of her. Kester often tells Rae that she needs to ‘love herself first’ in order for other people to love her, however, rightfully and understandably so, Rae asks ‘How?’. It’s easy to tell someone to love themselves, but it is not easy to when they haven’t got the slightest incline how to do so.

Today, the final ever episode of the series will air on E4. Right now in the series, Rae and her friends are recovering from a car crash, whilst in the midst of taking their exams. Chloe’s dreams of entering the world of business have been challenged after being significantly injured from the accident and this is having its toll on Rae, who believes the incident was her fault. This, among other factors, is causing Rae to question whether or not she even wants to go to uni after all. It will all come to a conclusion tonight, at 10pm on E4.

If you’re a fan of the show, why not leave a comment below telling me what your favourite moments from the show are!

Image credits: E4 and Tumblr.