Fresh Music Roundup (#26) – Friday 27th October 2017

This week’s Fresh Music Roundup is an eclectic mix of sounds and genres. It features music from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and AJ Tracey. It also features UK band, Everywhere, who have been featured on BBC Introducing and have supported Kaiser Chiefs, as well as music from Johnny, a Brooklyn based Singer/Producer. Check it out below, and don’t forget to leave a comment about what songs you’re listening to this month!


Fresh New Music (#18) – 23rd May 2016

Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to the 18th(!) edition of Fresh Music Roundup. This time we have selections from the likes of Fatima, Talay Riley and Craig David.

Up & Up and Send My Love were standout tracks on both Coldplay’s and Adele’s most recent albums, and I am glad they’ve decided to release these tracks as singes. Up & Up is anthemic and makes you literally feel like you are back at their Superbowl performance in an arena filled with thousands singing along. The music video for the song is also spectacular, making mini-worlds out of everyday objects, e.g. a volcano as a popcorn maker; take a look here. While Send My Love is a (rare) upbeat track from the Queen of ballads, Adele. Unfortunately, the music video is a bit of a mess

Ariana’s promotional track Be Alright was released a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve only got around to listening to it this week and I can’t stop! It’s simple yet irresistible and will get you up and dancing whatever mood you’re in. The same with Meghan Trainor’s Me Too.

Fatima is giving off Hiatus Kaiyote vibes with her track Le Neta. The soulful bop is enchanting and unique with the fusion of different genres and tempos. While, Talay Riley resurfaces after writing for other artists with his new track  Not Enough. The smooth cut is perfect for the post-Weeknd state of music!

SG Lewis brings the Miguel/Gallant vibes with his captivatingly distorted, atmospheric track, Yours.

Finally, it seems Craig David has found the perfect blend between his old, unique UK garage sound and the current state of British dance/pop, with his latest release One More Time.


Fresh Music Roundup #1 – Feb 13th 2015

As we ease into the middle of the first quarter of 2015, here are some of the songs that have been a soundtrack to January and February (so far) for me, or which have made my ears perk up.


Ciara – I Bet


Since blasting onto the music scene in 2004 with massive ‘Crunk’ hits like ‘Goodies’, ‘1, 2 Step’ and ‘Oh’, Ciara has since experienced a whirlwind career, taking her up the charts and, well, spending a lot of time at the bottom as well. However, it seems as though Ciara has taken an introspective look at herself and is back with a refreshing, new undeniably R&B track, ‘I Bet’. Let’s hope it fares well on the charts, because the song is fantastic.

Mikky Ekko – U

Cast your mind back to 2012, and think; bathtub, teal water, and a set of dreary, repetitive chords being played on the piano. What else could I be talking about, other than the ballad ‘Stay’ by Rihanna. However, you may also remember that there was a male counterpart on the track. Well, his name was Mikky Ekko, and he is actually quite an amazing artist, who released his debut album, ‘Time’, last month. His track ‘U’ instantly captivated me with it’s enchanting, echo-y chorus, and its endearing lyrics. It has honestly become one of my favourite tracks, ever.

Mapei – Don’t Wait

Ok, this song isn’t exactly ‘fresh’ in the sense that it was released in late 2013. However, ‘Don’t Wait’ has been bubbling ever since. Taken from Sweedish artist Mapei’s debut album, ‘Hey, Hey’, the track has also been remixed by Chance the Rapper. The twang of the chords slightly remind me of cowboy and western movies, and the sincerity of the lyrics are touching and inspiring. Therefore, in another sense of the word ‘fresh’, I think it belongs on my list.

Sevyn – Don’t Kill the Fun


Ever since I heard ‘I Like It’ in 2012, I knew I had become a fan of Sevyn. When I found out she had co-written tracks such as ‘Slower’ by Brandy, ‘The Way’ by Ariana Grande, ‘Fine China’ by Chris Brown and ‘New Day’ by Alicia Keys, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. With the release of her EP, ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ in 2013, I was mesmerized and the smooth vibes of ‘Don’t Kill the Fun’ are sure to make this song a hit for Sevyn.