Fresh Music Roundup (#23) – Sun 30th July 2017

Hello, I know it’s been a while, (nine months to be exact), since I’ve done a Fresh Music Roundup and that is inexcusable, so I’m going to show you some of the songs that I have discovered/been listening to the most during the past month. The playlist includes music from the likes of J Hus, Rihanna and Kali Uchis. I hope you enjoy!


Fresh Music Roundup (#22) – Sun 2nd Oct 2016

Out with the old and in with the new. Although that is the worst mindset you could have when it comes to music, here are some new tracks that are sure to become classics, featuring music by Craig David, Kehlani, Solange and The Weeknd.

A few highlights for me this edition have to be ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange, whose new album A Seat at the Table is delightful, ‘CRZY’ by Kehlani which I’ve had on repeat for a while now, as well as ’16’ by Craig David which I think is a very smart move. He did a live lounge session over at the BBC a while back I believe where he mashed up his song Fill Me In with Justin Bieber’s smash hit; Where Are U Now. It was well received so it’s great that he has made a studio version!

Fresh Music Roundup (#21) – 16/9/16

This month’s Fresh Music Roundup features fantastic new tracks from the likes of Emile Sandé, MiC LOWRY and Tinashe. Take a listen below!

Where You At? (#1) – Haim

In this brand new feature I will be talking about anything from musical artists, to TV shows, to even shops that have seemingly disappeared for the time being, and trying to lure them back to doing what they are good at. This edition is about the genre-defying American trio of sisterhood, Haim.

Haim first came to prominence in 2013 with the release of their debut album Days Are Gone. The band, consisting of sisters; Este, Danielle and Alana made waves in the music world with their unique sound incorporating elements from Rock, R&B and Pop. Haim effortlessly created musical masterpieces by drawing from a vast plethora of influences including Michael Jackson and Fleetwood Mac, which as mentioned, make for an eclectic sound.

Their singles include; Don’t Save Me, Forever, Falling, If I Could Change Your Mind, The Wire and My Song 5 (My personal favourites being Forever and Falling). Each of these songs instantly memorable to anyone familiar with the tracks. These tracks are iconic not only for their vocal arrangements, and enchanting pulsating guitar riffs, as well as their hummable melodies, but for their display of the obvious camaraderie between the sisters. They know their sound and what they are about and this is evident from the album; the music speaks for itself.

The band has also proven their worth beyond the album, with cuts such as their take on Tame Impala’s ‘Cause I’m a Man, Woman which is a spectacular take on the already phenomenal track by the Australian psychedelic rock band.

In addition to their work with Tame Impala, the band have also created songs for film soundtracks including Insurgent and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. On top of this, they have also been working on their radio show HAIM Time, which airs on Beats 1 on Apple Music, and have been touring. So it is evident that they have been keeping busy amidst their absence from the music scene. However, I am hoping that the sisters are also working on some new music because the world needs another Haim album! Where you at, Haim?

Fresh New Music (#18) – 23rd May 2016

Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to the 18th(!) edition of Fresh Music Roundup. This time we have selections from the likes of Fatima, Talay Riley and Craig David.

Up & Up and Send My Love were standout tracks on both Coldplay’s and Adele’s most recent albums, and I am glad they’ve decided to release these tracks as singes. Up & Up is anthemic and makes you literally feel like you are back at their Superbowl performance in an arena filled with thousands singing along. The music video for the song is also spectacular, making mini-worlds out of everyday objects, e.g. a volcano as a popcorn maker; take a look here. While Send My Love is a (rare) upbeat track from the Queen of ballads, Adele. Unfortunately, the music video is a bit of a mess

Ariana’s promotional track Be Alright was released a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve only got around to listening to it this week and I can’t stop! It’s simple yet irresistible and will get you up and dancing whatever mood you’re in. The same with Meghan Trainor’s Me Too.

Fatima is giving off Hiatus Kaiyote vibes with her track Le Neta. The soulful bop is enchanting and unique with the fusion of different genres and tempos. While, Talay Riley resurfaces after writing for other artists with his new track  Not Enough. The smooth cut is perfect for the post-Weeknd state of music!

SG Lewis brings the Miguel/Gallant vibes with his captivatingly distorted, atmospheric track, Yours.

Finally, it seems Craig David has found the perfect blend between his old, unique UK garage sound and the current state of British dance/pop, with his latest release One More Time.


Fresh New Music Roundup (#17) 8th May 2016

With this month’s Fresh Music Roundup, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve compiled all of my picks into an easy to use Spotify playlist as it can get annoying when links to Youtube or Soundcloud die. Get into my favourite songs from the past month below and if you have any thoughts on the songs or suggestions on what I should listen to, feel free to leave a comment!

I am now going to give once sentence response to each track. Here goes:

NUMBERS – Classic Pharrell’s punchy percussion blends well with Skepta’s skillful flow.

GOT IT GOOD – Kaytranada recruits UK gem, Craig David for a groovy, guaranteed head-bop.

HONEY – Katy B and Kaytranada team up for a smooth, this shoulder-swaying single.

NO BROKEN HEARTS – Seemingly Sia inspired, Bebe Rexha also takes inspiration from hip-hop, to create a very current track.

IN COMMON – Alicia Keys has definitely been listening to Drake’s ‘Take Care’, but it’s still a tune though.

WRITE ON ME – Country inspired, Fifth Harmony, give us guilt-free Pop!

Fresh Music Roundup #7 – July 25th

So, we’ve reached lucky number seven in the Fresh Music Roundup series, eh? Well let’s hope today’s songs are extra special! Keep reading to hear the ripest, juiciest and freshest songs out right now. They’re ready to pick and unwrap below.

Natalie La Rose (ft. Fetty Wap) – All Around the World

After pining to dance with ‘Somebody’, Natalie La Rose is back, as this time she wants to make love ‘All Around the World’, after finding a mysterious man’s passport on the floor. This song enters Dance and EDM territory, and is maybe a couple years too late, but with the addition of Rap’s latest obsession, Fetty Wap, I’m sure the song will do alright.

Janet Jackson  (ft. J Cole ) – No Sleeep

I know I just included this song on the last edition of Fresh Music Roundup, but Janet is back with a brand new version of the song featuring J Cole, as well new visuals for the track. I think J Cole adds some needed energy to the track and should hopefully be able to defibrillate the song back up the charts.

Demi Lovato – Cool For the Summer

We’ve seen this story play out time and time again; female Disney stars reemerging with a ‘shocking’ ‘new’ ‘edgier’ image, which basically means they swear in their songs, they may smoke in their videos, they wear considerably less clothing and they have a new rebellious attitude (see: Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez etc). Demi joins the pack with her latest release, with visuals directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has also worked with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, who coincidentally, people are saying this song sounds suspiciously similar to (see: Domino by Jessie J)

Pharrell Williams – Freedom

Pharrell has been hit and miss with his music lately, in my eyes (and ears) and when I first heard this song a while back, it didn’t do anything for me, however, seeing this song in a visual format it is really powerful and engaging, if not a bit short. At least radio will have no excuse to cut it down.