Telly Talk (#2) – 8th Sept 2017

As I’m sure I have mentioned in the past, I have a very short attention span so I can’t really copiously consume episodes of TV shows like we are encouraged to do in today’s society. Well, not unless I am extremely invested in a show, and that is rare. However, I have been watching a couple shows since the last time I made a Telly Talk post; these are: That 70’s Show, Suits, Game of Thrones and Insecure.

That 70’s Show

I had always heard about this show growing up but I had never really been drawn to it. It was recently recommended to me and I gave it a try. I am only around 5 episodes in, and while I’m not exactly blown away, I do think it’s an enjoyable show. It’s ironic as it was intended to be a throwback to the 70’s when it began airing in the 90s, and now two decades later I’m watching it. The show is character-driven rather than plot-driven which is typical of a sitcom, and while the characters are still being developed in these initial episodes, I’m not particularly drawn to any one character, and I’m still yet to get a belly laugh moment from the show. But it is still early days, and I do think it has the potential to make me laugh out loud so I’ll stick with it a little while longer.


I have a funny relationship with this show. I started it around this time last year as you can see from this post. But I haven’t got very far with it. This is not because I do not enjoy the show, as I really do. I find it very gripping and entertaining; especially an episode I watched recently in which Harvey and Mike bonded and let their hair down together, something which was unexpected but 100% necessary at that point and time in the series. I am just not a fan of 45 minute long episodes as I can’t bear stay watching for that long. However, I do make exceptions if the episode was particularly interesting. For that reason. I tend to watch the show in bursts, and I can go away for months and come back. But, pitifully, I am only now just coming to the end of Season 2, and I have 6 more to go. Wish me luck! At this rate, I should be caught up by the year 2020!

Game of Thrones

I succumbed to the mainstream and started watching Game of Thrones a couple of months ago. I do enjoy it and it is gripping and unlike any show I’ve watched, however, once again the episodes are very long. Though, in the show’s defense a lot of the time I find myself so engrossed that when I find myself at the end of an episode I’m shocked that an hour has passed. So much happens in a single episode that you feel like you got your time’s worth. This is what I need to be happening if I’m going to spend an hour watching a show. I don’t want suspense suspense suspense only for nothing to happen! The show can be gory at times, but it doesn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the show. Although I can already tell it will take me forever to catch up. 😩


I’m a fan of this show. I can gladly say that I am up to date! Probably because, while it isn’t a sitcom, the episodes are only half an hour long. Now that’s what I’m talking about! The show is definitely more explicit both in language and sexual content in its current second season, and the choices that the characters are making this time around are very sketchy and questionable, but makes for an intersesting storyline. However, with only one episode left, I am very interested to see how the writers will tie all of the loose ends together as there are plenty of questions I have that need answering. The most important being what kind of miracle will it take to bring Issa and Lawrence together again? Because right now they seem very irreconcilable!



Fresh Music Roundup #7 – July 25th

So, we’ve reached lucky number seven in the Fresh Music Roundup series, eh? Well let’s hope today’s songs are extra special! Keep reading to hear the ripest, juiciest and freshest songs out right now. They’re ready to pick and unwrap below.

Natalie La Rose (ft. Fetty Wap) – All Around the World

After pining to dance with ‘Somebody’, Natalie La Rose is back, as this time she wants to make love ‘All Around the World’, after finding a mysterious man’s passport on the floor. This song enters Dance and EDM territory, and is maybe a couple years too late, but with the addition of Rap’s latest obsession, Fetty Wap, I’m sure the song will do alright.

Janet Jackson  (ft. J Cole ) – No Sleeep

I know I just included this song on the last edition of Fresh Music Roundup, but Janet is back with a brand new version of the song featuring J Cole, as well new visuals for the track. I think J Cole adds some needed energy to the track and should hopefully be able to defibrillate the song back up the charts.

Demi Lovato – Cool For the Summer

We’ve seen this story play out time and time again; female Disney stars reemerging with a ‘shocking’ ‘new’ ‘edgier’ image, which basically means they swear in their songs, they may smoke in their videos, they wear considerably less clothing and they have a new rebellious attitude (see: Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez etc). Demi joins the pack with her latest release, with visuals directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has also worked with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, who coincidentally, people are saying this song sounds suspiciously similar to (see: Domino by Jessie J)

Pharrell Williams – Freedom

Pharrell has been hit and miss with his music lately, in my eyes (and ears) and when I first heard this song a while back, it didn’t do anything for me, however, seeing this song in a visual format it is really powerful and engaging, if not a bit short. At least radio will have no excuse to cut it down.



Fresh Music Roundup #3 – 9th May

I’m back with another music roundup. Here are the top 5 songs that I am listening to this month:

Ciara – Dance Like We’re Making Love This song takes me back to the days when Ne-Yo was ruling the airwaves back in around 2006/7 and R&B was on top. This is Ciara at her best.

Tinashe – Looking 4 It

Yes, I’m still obsessed with the Amethyst mixtape. This is my latest fixture.

Skepta – Shutdown

I’m not usually the biggest fan of UK rap/Grime, however, this song sounds like an anthem. It’s so catchy and iconic. It’s making me want to explore the genre.

Snoop Dogg – I’m Ya Dogg (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross)

Apart from Pharrell’s struggle vocals at the beginning of the song, I enjoy it a lot. I love Charlie Wilson’s adlibs in the background. It’s just a vibe.

The-Dream – Prime

A very calming slow-jam that will get you in your feelings.

*Bonus* – Waren Xcline & Reiss G – Scale it Back (ft. Ego Ella May)

Ego is an artist to watch, she glides over the beat effortlessly. This is definitely a new fave.